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Question: What is Gelatin and is it Halal?




Gelatin is a protein product obtained from pigs, cattle, and fish. The main sources of Gelatin include pigskins, cattle bones and cattle hide. Of these, the most common source is pigskins. Gelatin is used in the preparation of some baked goods, ice cream, yogurt, jellies and other food products. If the word Gelatin appears on a label, it is usually made from pigskins and cattle bones, so it is Haram. It is possible to produce Halal Gelatin by using the bones and hides of cattle slaughtered according to Islamic Law. In this case, the Gelatin would be certified Halal and labelled as Halal Gelatin. Gelatin made from any fish is Halal. Gelatin is Haram, unless specified as sourced from the vegetable or Halal product.

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Question: what are the haram additives in an ingredient lists?




Some emulsifiers e.g. 471, 481 etc. are doubtful unless it is specified that the source is vegetable or Halal product.


• Gelatine is mostly animal derived, unless it is specified that the source is vegetable or halal product.


• Be careful while buying cheese, all the “enzymes” are doubtful unless it is specified that the source is vegetable or Halal product.


• While shopping don't only look for emulsifiers in the ingredients but also consider other ingredients such as colouring agents etc. Following is a small list that can be memorised or kept in pocket for immediate reference.


Haram additives with “E” prefixes E120, E140, E141, E252, E422, E430, E431, E470, E471, E472(a), E472(b), E472(c), E472(d), E472(e), E473, E474, E475, E477, E478, E481, E482, E483, E491, E492, E494.


Haram additives without “E” prefixes 120, 141, 160(A), 161, 252, 300, 301, 422, 430, 431, 433, 435, 436, 441, 470, 471, 472(a, e), 473, 474, 475, 476, 477, 481, 482, 483, 491,492, 494, 542, 570, 572, 631, 635, 920.




Question: What are mono and diglycerides and are they Halal?





Mono and diglycerides are types of fat that are used to prevent water and oil from separating. They are found in a wide variety of products including baked foods, peanut butter, margarine, and shortening. Mono and diglycerides come from animal or

vegetable sources. When they come from vegetable sources, they are Halal. When they come from animal sources, they may be Haram. More information is needed to find out if they are Halal. If the mono and diglycerides come from an animal that is slaughtered.estibulum lareo risunatari nuege na placera ulace duipretiru licituin nelcerais nunulat voluitpat convalrs anim sevitae anture liberro tincidunt placerat ulamce sollicitue litori duipretiu. Senectus et net mialesuada fames turpisami egestas a lorerm laoreet veulputate nullamat liberro tincidunt. Nestibulum lareo is nuege naim placera ul duipretiu licituin necerais nulla.